Tornadoes Soccer Academy Tornadoes Soccer Academy

 Are there separate goalkeeper sessions?

All camps are for both goalkeepers and field players. For goalkeepers we offer specialized goalkeeper training with our Goalkeeping Director, Cornelius Wilcox. There will be goalkeeper training in the morning. In the afternoon, goalkeepers will be integrated with their team for small sided games. In the evening goalkeepers will play full sided games with their teams.

 Do I need to bring a soccer ball?

Yes, each player must bring their soccer ball. We do not supply soccer balls. Each player will need one for the clinic and camp.

We will sell a limited amount of camp balls during the check-in time.

 For the Residential camp, can I pick my roommate?

When you register, be sure to put down who you want to be your roommate. Be specific and we will do our best to accommodate.

 I am attending the Residential camp with my club team. Can we stay together?

It’s great that the whole team wants to come and we’ll do our best to accommodate them. We can keep them together for everything.

If you have a group coming (must be at least 10 players from the same team), make sure you CONTACT US to get a link for the payment and registration.

 Do I need to bring money to the Residential camp?

It is a good idea to bring a little bit of spending money. All of the meals are paid for as part of your camp fee, but many players like to order a pizza at night with their friends or grab a snack throughout the day.

 What is the dorm like?

Campers are housed in our new state-of-the-art dorm. Specific locations will be known closer to the camp dates.

There are two separate restrooms located on either end of the floor. These facilities are open for players’ use at any time they are in the dorms. The dorms also contain a lounge area with a TV that the campers may use during their free time.

Upon check in, each camper will receive a meal card, which gives them swipe access to the dorms and dining hall as well as a key, which allows them to lock and unlock their dorm room. Each camper will be held responsible for their own swipe card and key and will be charged if lost!

There is wifi all over campus. Campers will need a login and password to sign onto the internet.

 Can my parents visit me in my dorm during the camp?

Parents are NOT allowed to enter the dorm floor to see their children due to liability reasons. If your parent(s) needs to see you for any reason, you must notify a counselor and that counselor can bring you to the lobby to meet your parent(s).

  What happens if I get sick or injured during the camp?

You will be taken to the athletic trainer, who will assess the illness or injury. NO over the counter medication will be given to you by the athletic trainer.

 What is the dining hall like?

The dining hall is buffet style and has multiple options for each meal. For breakfast you will have the option of a hot breakfast, which changes daily, fresh fruit, bagels, cereal, toast and other options. For lunch each day, there will be a hot option, a salad bar, sandwiches, and fruit among other things. Dinner also has a hot option that changes daily, a salad bar, sandwiches as well as desserts.

 What is the cancellation and refund policy?